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Joint Operation Body (JOB) PERTAMINA-TALISMAN Jambi Merang is owned by PT.  Pertamina Hulu Energi Jambi Merang, and Talisman (Jambi Merang) Ltd, with Pacific Oil & Gas (Jambi Merang) Limited, was founded in 1989. 

Its Vision to be the best and largest Operating Body in gas production, and Mission, to improve and maintain the highest standards of occupational health and safety; committed to increasing reserves, enhancing  production and earning a targeted profit through the application of new technology and precise exploration strategies; also conducting good corporate governance through the implementation of a Business Conduct and Ethics Code.

The Jambi Merang Block consists of 3 fields; the Gelam, the Sungai Kenawang, and the Pulau Gading field.   The Gelam field is an integral part of the Corridor Block which is operated by ConocoPhillips, and has actively producing substantial amounts of gas.  Meanwhile, the Sungai Kenawang and the Pulau Gading fields are being prepared for future production activities.

Company Policy

Company Policy

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Operator : JOB PERTAMINA-TALISMAN Jambi Merang

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Jambi Merang Block PSC-JOB
PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi Jambi Merang : 50%
Talisman (Jambi Merang) Ltd
: 25%
Pacific Oil & Gas (Jambi Merang) Ltd : 25%

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Management Profile

From left to right-front:

Achmad Junus(SCM Manager), Moh Imron (Exploration Manager), Judha Sumarianto (General Manager), Didik Budi Hartono (HR & GS Manager), I Wayan Darsana (Operation Manager), Phat Beatty (Field Manager)

From left to right-back:

Aron Hasibuan (Finance & Accounting Manager), Chris Conway (Project Manager), Rio Dasmanto (HSE Manager), Tri Nugroho (Subsurface Manager)

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The Location

Plan of Sungai Kenawang Gas Plant development is located in Bayung Lencir Sub District, Musi Banyuasin Regency. Oil and gas pipelines installation from Bayung Lencir Sub District to Geragai and Grissik encompasses 3 Regencies, 5 Sub Districts, 22 villages as follows:

Regency Sub District Village
Musi Banyuasin Bayung Lencir 1. Muara Medak Village
2. Pulau Gading Village
3. Kali Berau Village
4. Mendis Village
5. Mendis Jaya Village
6. Simpang Bayat Village
7. Margo Mulyo Village
8. Bero Jaya Timur Village
9. Beiji Mulyo Village
10. Kelurahan Bayung Lencir
Muaro Jambi Sungai Gelam 11. Ladang Panjang Village
12. Talang Kerinci Village
13. Sungai Gelam Village
  Kumpeh Ulu 14. Sungai Terap Village
15. Solok Village
16. Sakean Village
  Maro Sebo 17. Kemingking Dalam Village
18. Teluk Jambu Village
19. Sekumbung Village
Tanjung Jabung
Geragai 20. Rantau Karya Village
21. Sukamaju Village
22. Pandan Lagan Village

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